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Comic for: July 13th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "GU Turns 4"
Posted: Tuesday July 13th, 2004 by

GU turned 4 last Saturday, and I didn't really want to celebrate it except maybe in a message board post. But, tonight as I was writing code that would allow me to do click and impression tracking on GU ads... I thought to myself, "What would Ted think?"

Well the answer was simple; Ted would call me a game whore and give me crap about selling out... right up until I reminded him where the free stuff came from.

Now, try not to take that the wrong way, as of yet, I have not been lavished with free goodies. Admittably, a few of my accounts are comped; but honestly, I wouldn't be able to afford to play them otherwise.

GU is 4 now, and I'm trying to grow it and make it larger. And, in doing that I'm trying to branch out and grow the "business". That means that I'd like to make a bit of a better life for myself if I can... through banner ads, tower ads, or what have you.

So yeah, folks can call me a sell out if they like. As long as my bills are being paid, I really don't care. One thing you can be sure of though, I will never compromise on the content of strips. I'd rather take a strip down than to change it to meet some corporate demand.

**shrugs and grins**

Besides, how can I be a sell-out when I can still make fun of myself?

--- edit: forgot to ad in info about the t-shirts ---

The t-shirts in today's comic are Split Reason Gear (as usual, because I dig their stuff). The one Ted is wearing is the Binary Nation T-Shirt. The one I'm wearing is the Aggro T-shirt which looks remarkably like the Lego logo, which is why I find it so damn humorous.

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