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Comic for: May 18th, 2004
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City of Heroes: "CoH Alts"
Posted: Tuesday May 18th, 2004 by

This comic seems simple but really touches on more than one point of CoH's existance.

First among these is "level of customization" of a character and it's abilities. Again, I've not played the game, but I have watched it from across the room. And, it seems to me that one could progress in an infinite number of ways, in essence, making their super hero anything they wanted. Now, I don't quite think you can kill the badguys with kindness, or throwing flowers at them. But hey, who knows.

The next issue is the froo froo cutesy girly heroes running around beating the crap out of bad guys. That's a subdued aspect of this comic, but still pertinent. I find it humerous. Here's the thugs with bats and guns. And there's our super heroin... with fists, pigtails, and a smile.

The final issue is roleplay. Where, I haven't really seen it, I heard a lot of you talk about it. Some of you take your characters so silly, it's almost like you forget that some people want to "role-play" the fun side of comics. It's all good though. Paragon City is plenty big enough for everyone.

The only question I'm left with is: If you were a thug, would YOU practice your "business" in a city full of heroes? Not me dammit. I'd go somewhere else. Like... maybe... a city full of doughnut eating couch potatos who'd rather just give me the wallet than having to deal with me. Or, acity full of heroes like the one mentioned in today's comic. Hell, if they're gonna throw flowers at me, and that's it, sign me up.

I guess ultimately the comic is about playing the game the way you want to; taking advantage of the customization that's been offered; and, enjoying an environment where pretty much anything that you can dream of can be acted upon.

It should also ben noted that this is pretty much a discussion I had about the game. Art immitates life yet again.

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