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Comic for: May 19th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Of Course it's Plate"
Posted: Wednesday May 19th, 2004 by

I World of Warcraft certain articles of clothing/armor only become available to wear after you reach certain levels.

Shoulder and Helms are the prime example. Cloaks to a limited degree.

I think the lowest level shoulders I'd seen were Level 16. Meaning you had to be atleast level 16 to wear them. And Helms, Caps, Hats, etc were no less than 24. As far as the capes go. It seem the higher level that's required to wear it, the longer the cape is. You can get these little psuedo-capes, etc from level 1 on. But, I was 20 before I had a full cape.

So, what comes to mind though, in looking at this helm is that there is no holes for hearing in the least. Sure it's just a game, but that kind of thing always sends my brain off on "what if" tangents. So, that's how you get today's comic. It implies that I can't hear a word the guy says. **shrugs and grins**

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