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Comic for: May 17th, 2004
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Warhammer Online: "Swallowing cats"
Posted: Monday May 17th, 2004 by

So, I watched that Warhammer Online video from E3, that someone linked on the forums yesterday. And, my first reaction was... is he speaking pig latin?

The voice-over sounded like someone talking with a sock in their mouth. I was reminded of Wierd Al's "Smells Like Nirvana".

If other people enjoyed the video, I'm happy for them. But, for me, even without the audio (which turned it to immediate web cluttering garbage) it wasn't all that impressive.

I did listen to the thing again a little later and could make out everything he said. But, then I was struck by the standard, blah blah blah, "ooooh I'm so evil and creepy" writing.

We're in the 2nd generation of MMOG's here. I think we deserve higher quality productions. Especially if they're meant to tease us into buying the game, or at the very least... clamouring to be in the beta.

To the folks at Warhammer Online. Like all other MMOGs I hope you guys succeed! The more companies pushing the envelope means better games overall in the genre. But, in the future, please don't eat kittens before stepping up to the mic.

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