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Comic for: May 14th, 2004
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Playboy: The Mansion: "Where's Ted?"
Posted: Friday May 14th, 2004 by

I'm loathe to promote this pitiful excuse for a game in any form or fashion. But, as soon as I saw it on the E3 game list... I knew what the joke for today would be.

So... ARUSH Entertainment is ripping off the Sims and putting a Hugh Hefner/Playboy mansion spin on it. The game is called "Playboy: The Mansion". The quickest I can put it... you're Hugh, and YOU have to make everything work. From writeups, interviews, and photoshoots, to decorating the mansion itself.

And Ted, being the kind of imaginary person he is, would COMPLETELY ignore real boobies to go scope digital ones. That's not to say he doesn't have an appreciation for real boobies, it just means his priorities are all kinds of fooked up. I think I've made that point before.

Other details about the strip:
The tall guy with me is my best friend Richard. He exists in the real world. He's not imaginary like Ted is. Now, he's been introduced into the GU world as well. Actully, he's been in the comic before. He drew Floyd. But, you get my point.

The shirt Richard is wearing comes from skulltshirts.com. And, the shirt I'm wearing is "Lifestyle" from Split Reason.

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