BenQ - WiT e-Reading Lamp
By Woody Hearn on Aug 11, 2016 @ 3:42PM

I'd been using the same desk lamp for quite a while, but the halogen bulb it employed made my desk area unbearably hot. I replaced it with a gooseneck LED with touch controls, etc. I thought that was the lamp for me. My lamp. Then I saw BenQ's WiT e-Reading Lamp...

Wide Intelligent Tailor-Made or not, I wasn't prepared for the massive box that arrived. It's quite a large lamp. The pictures of it in use are all out there. But, until you put it on your desk it's a bit hard to process how much space that stated 23x9x24" really covers. The lamp sits atop a heavy (10 lbs.) base ensuring that the unit stays in place during adjustment, but means takes up a much larger space on the desk. There is a desk-clamp accessory, but it's sold separately. Which can be a tad frustrating. For it's price, something that basic really should be in the box.

The controls for the light include a chrome ring that turns on the light when touched. Once on, if you touch the chrome ring for two seconds, the WiT will enter "Eye-care Mode" where it then auto-adjusts the brightness of the lamp based on ambient lighting conditions. A single rotary knob on top of the unit lets you alter the brightness of the lamp. If you press the knob down, you can then shift the color temperature of the WiT between warm and cool. I find that I prefer cool light when I'm working, and warm light when I'm reading. As to articulation, the tension spring arm allows for ample height adjustment, a swivel mount at the base allows the arm to be rotated, and a ball joint where the curved light attaches to the arms lets you fine-tune the direction of the lighting to your exact needs.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, the WiT uses aluminum to help dissipate heat from the LEDs and zinc in the tension springs to increase the lamp's lifespan. BenQ seems to have endeavored to make sure every concern has been addressed. There is one significant problem however. In a world where most of us are tied to our cellphones, tablets, and other mobile sundry, it was surprising that a "desk lamp" did not include USB ports for charging purposes. I immediately missed the convenience of using my previous lamp as a charging hub. I know it sounds silly, but this alone would lead me to explore other lighting options for my desk.

Ultimately, the WiT is handsome and adaptable. I would recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, the caveats of its size and lack of charging ports mean it's just not the right lamp for me.

- Lights entire desk
- Wide range of articulation
- Adjustable brightness and color "temperature"
- Auto-adjust feature
- Braided cord
- Eco-friendly

- No USB ports
- Large footprint
- Table clamp sold separately
- Pricey

Elegant, versatile, but not really the right lamp for me.

BenQ's e-Reading Lamp is available via Amazon for $249. (at the time of this review)

This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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