The OH-QC01 Hawk Eye 2.4 GHz Explorer Quadcopter from Ohuhu
By Woody Hearn on Nov 29, 2015 @ 8:59PM

I currently have three quadcopters and each has brought it's own style, handling, and functionality to the table. There are certainly some minor flaws in the design here; but, the handling and controller easily make up for the OH-QC01's short falls.

The Hawk Eye has a standard 6-axis gyro, 4 running lights (2 red, 2 green) for directional indication, an on-board camera, and a 2.4 Ghz, 4 Channel transmitter. The controller has an easy-to-read, 2" LCD Display with battery life, signal strength, speed, flight control mode, trim levels, and orientation indicators. There are accelerator and directional control levers; 3 trim switches; and buttons for photo/video control, 3D eversion, high/low speed control, one key return, and headless mode. Also included in the box were 2 batteries, a USB charger cable, 2 GB SD card, a SD card reader, replacement propellers, and spare propeller protection guards.

I feel the need to point out that the quad itself has a power switch on it. That may sound like a simple thing; but, the other two quads I own do not. This switch allows me to plug in the battery without wasting power while I get the controller set up. Like I said, it's a simple thing. But, with a 5.5 to 6.5 minute flight time per battery charge, every second counts.

Headless mode is an interesting feature, I've not encountered before. It allows the directional controls to remain oriented to the controller no matter which direction the quad is facing. The idea is that this adds flying convenience. But, all quadcopters have a learning curve associated with their flight. So, if you're used to the standard quadcopter control this may just confuse the issue for you. Another interesting feature of the OH-QC01 SHOULD be the "One Key Return" button. As long as the quad is in range, this button is supposed to direct the unit to return to the controller. It sound great, but because the GPS module is not included on this unit, all it does is cause the quadcopter to fly backward.

The built-in camera does an okay job, but is reliant on a decent quality SD card for better photo/video fidelity. The 2GB SD card that comes in the box does not do the job. That aside, it's disappointing that there's not a way to sync video with your mobile device for in-flight POV. Instead you have to wait for your flight to conclude to check your photos/video.

Finally, the "minor" design flaw I mentioned above. The center strut of protective propeller guards for my Hawk Eye were not properly fabricated. So, the propellers hit this center strut when they rotate. I had to remove the guards so the quad could fly without destroying its own propellers. Other than that the OH-QC01 has an overall sturdy construction.

- Fairly inexpensive
- Relatively easy to fly
- Decent Handling
- Helpful LCD Display
- On/Off switch on the quad itself

- No in-flight photo/video POV
- Badly design prop guards

Minor design flaws, overcome by easy handling and a decent controller for the money.

Ohuhu's OH-QC01 Hawk Eye quadcopter is available for $54.99 via Amazon. (At the time of this review.)

This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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