LEGO Minecraft: The Cave
By Woody Hearn on Apr 4, 2015 @ 8:13PM

TheBoy and I have assembled a few LEGO projects together and he loves Minecraft. So when Tomoson offered the chance to review LEGO Minecraft The Cave, I jumped on it. I could tell by some initial research online that, at 249 pieces, it was a smaller set. But, that was okay; we'll get to "WHY?" in a minute. When the package arrived it was all I could do to get him to leave the bits and bags alone long enough for me to snap a few review shots (which you can find on the GU Instagram account). We started the set a bit before his bath, and finished it a little before bed time. Just enough to play with the set before saying goodnight.

TheBoy has been playing and building with LEGO for years. But, when it comes to using the directions to assemble full sets, for now at least, his ADHD robs him of the necessary patience. He can zero in with laser focus on things he loves, but if something is unclear (as LEGO instructions can sometimes be) he gets frustrated and convinces himself he "can't do it". So 'The Cave' was going to be his first ever, start-to-finish set. Granted, I stayed with him, showed him how to sort the pieces up front, and told him which pieces he would need for the next step; but, he was in charge of looking at the booklet and figuring out where everything went. It was a great time. And he went into roleplay mode the second he was done building, having Steve (the Minecraft character) fight off a bow-wielding Skeleton while simultaneously keeping the Spider from running off with his bread.

As to the quality of the translation, LEGO boxes into Minecraft pieces, it was excellent. There were a few points of confusion as the colors represented in the booklet don't always closely match the colors of the available pieces. But all in all the way the Minecraft cube construction were designed made them easy to stack and move. The unfortunate side effect was that, if you picked the finished piece up the wrong way, the "destructible" blocks would kind of... well... explode, and pieces went flying everywhere. This happened to Taks as I was beginning to explain the potential hazard. So, I ended up having to rebuild a large portion of the set, so theBoy wouldn't be upset when he woke up ready to play with it again. And you know me... I just hate putting LEGO sets together. **coughs**lie**coughs**

The biggest compliment I can pay to set is based entirely on theBoy's response to it. He's kept it in one piece. Since he started playing with LEGO, and for all the sets I've put together for him, that's only happened twice. Usually they last an hour or two before he has them almost completely disassembled and piled on top of everything else in his LEGO box. But this one? Over a month after we assembled it, it's still together... for the most part.

LEGO Minecraft the Cave is $15.99 on Amazon (at the time of this review) and, without being a suck up at all, I'd recommend buying two of them.

This is not a paid review

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