Enigma Flameless Electronic Lighter
By Woody Hearn on Aug 8, 2016 @ 4:34AM

There are times when you NEED something, but you don't realize until you actually own it. That's how it was with the Enigma. At what point would I have ever realized I -NEEDED- a flameless, rechargeable, electronic lighter? Then it arrived and, despite not being a smoker, not needing to light any candles, incense, or fires, I've been playing with it at my desk ever since.

The Enigma comes packaged in a tin case, with a padded interior. Along with the lighter, inside the case, is a USB to micro-USB charger cable, and a business card sized, poorly translated set of instructions. The lighter itself is sleak, black metal, with a hinged top. A small, silver button activates the windproof, plasma arc that serves in places of a traditional lighter's flame. When the arc eventually dwindles, you recharge the Enigma by connecting it to a USB port. A small LED light lets you know the charging status, shining blue while charging then going off when charging is complete.

The lighter is easy to use, but, if you're a parent, this could be a cause for concern. When you press the ignition button, the plasma arcs. There is no built in safety mechanism. So, it is imperitive to keep the Enigma out of the reach of children. As to cost, though it is a bit pricey for my needs, this price is comparable to it's fluid-fueled counterparts.

- Rechargeable, usb-to-micro usb
- Windproof
- Water resistant
- Easy to use

- No safety features
- A tad pricey

Brilliant little gadget that you don't know you "need" until you have one.

The Enigma Flameless Electronic Lighter is available from Amazon for $34.95. (at the time of this review)

This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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