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Comic for: January 30th, 2007
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The Life of Ted!: "Mario Kart at the Vatican"
Posted: Tuesday January 30th, 2007 by

I don't want to revisit yesterday's thread because the things I was accused of still make me angry. And quite frankly you should know me and the comic well enough to realize that this comic was coming. I won't say anymore about the issue because I'm likely to break my own forum rules. And we wouldn't want me to suspend my own account. I will instead jump right into answering the innevitable questions.


I have no idea how Ted knows all the people he does. Venturing guesses only leads to more questions. So why would the Pope sign the letter "Bingo"? The way I figure it, it's his game handle. Saying Pope Benedict XVI over XBox Live would be tough so it would likely be shortened to B16. And clever gamers would most likely take it one step farther.

I have to say, if the Pope was ever a gamer, it'd probably be an incredibly entertaining game session: blessing the controller, throwing holy water at the screen, making bets that if he loses he'll eat his hat. You know... the usual. And that notion lead me to ask myself: if you could pick one famous individual to play video games with who would it be and what game? This is tough for me because there are so many famous people I'd like to meet. In the end I decided that I'd play Sir Ian McKellan in any kind of racing game. That way every time he fended me off from getting in front of him he could shout "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

The coffers of my geekdom would be immediately filled, and I could die happy.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Pet Octopus" shirt from Threadless.Com

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