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Comic for: July 4th, 2006
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The Zapper!: "Toss 'Em In"
Posted: Tuesday July 4th, 2006 by

Last Friday an email issued forth from Stray Bullet Games apprising recipients as to the state of Shadowbane. Apparently several "key developers" from Wolfpack Studios have reunited under the banner "Stray Bullet Games, llc." and are helping Ubisoft keep Shadowbane afloat.
Source: The Official Shadowbane Website [ more info ]

Now, I had initially sworn to never put Shadowbane in another comic. But this news in conjunction with a joke idea from Elaye (slightly modified), made for an irresistable piece of Zapper Comedy.

I do wish the Shadowbane Team all my best, but honestly, this seems like the postponement of the innevitable. That's just my opinion though, and I hope some of you folks will take this comic/post as a chance to prove me wrong. Go! Play the game!


Thanks Elaye for the joke idea (even though I changed it a little so the readrs could relate to it a little more)!

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