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Comic for: October 26th, 2009
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Dragon Age Origins: "Dalish Difficulty"
Posted: Monday October 26th, 2009 by

I've noticed the Dragon Age ads rotating on GU here lately. And where I didn't really want to do a comic (because Penny Arcade seems to have that covered), after watching a trailer for the game a few days ago, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out forever.

So this morning I clicked the ad on my own site **whistles** and checked out what the game's official site had to offer. Most of it was what I expected after having seen the trailer. As I dug through the site though, I found a section which spoke to the origins of the Grey Wardens, skilled fighters trained to be able to deal with their "ancient foe". **coughs**Dragon!**coughs** Well the first character presenting himself on the page is a Human Noble with a kind of douchey goatee. I moved on to click the Dwarf Noble, then the Dwarf Commoner, the Dalish Elf. [more info] That's where I stopped, giggled internally a bit, and started drawing the comic.

See all of these Grey Warden heroes are supposed to command respect and exude an air of badassery. But I ask you... how am I supposed to take a guy seriously that has face tattoos and a freakin' vulcan haircut? Alone the face tattoos might be cool. But with that hair? Nope. Trying too hard.

Now, before you say "but Woody", yes, I know. Looking closely at the image you can see that his hair is just pulled back. It's not bowl cut, Moe style. But now that I have that Spock-do in my head I can't shake it. Sorry Bioware! I love your stuff, you know I do. Just laughing at Mr. Puffedchest Mcbadass there.

Despite my response to elfypants, I encourage you to go check out the Dragon Age site. And don't be afraid to make use of the banners on the GU front page. That's what they're there for, I think.

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