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Comic for: January 31st, 2007
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Vanguard: "Orc Diplomacy"
Posted: Wednesday January 31st, 2007 by

I've made no secret of my love for the Diplomacy system in Vanguard. And as I think I've said before... if they made it into a separate game and put it on the shelves, I'd buy it.

Since I started playing the game, I've rallied troops, boosted soldier morale, started barroom brawls, convinced entire cities to go to war, et cetera. So i figure talking a goblin into giving me one of his arms, shouldn't be that difficult. Hell, he probably even told his other little goblin buddies about this nice orc he met and how I helped him lose weight.

The only problem comes in my dedication to being an Orc. I feel compelled to muscle my way through conversations that require finesse. Not exactly my strong suit in game or out.

Ultimately, I've only played Vanguard a few days in beta and one day since release, but overall I'm enjoying the newbie experience. Definitely some glitches to be worked out. But, the satisfaction of winning a parlay far outweighs issues, at least for now.

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