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Comic for: October 20th, 2006
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Chimera: "Defining IT"
Posted: Friday October 20th, 2006 by

Originally I hadn't intended on answering what "it" was until early december. But, after telling you guys about my frustrations with the comic, I figured it was time to tell you guys what IT is.

See, I would prefer to be doing in-game comics. That is essentially the life blood of GU comics. And since we're gamers, "Gaming News" comics and comics about console games were supposed to be semi-rare little delicacies to keep us reading about the rest of the industry. But, of late, there hasn't been a single MMOG out there that could hold my attention. They all fail on some level.

I admit to being cynical, curmudgeony, and hard to please. But, every game I play shows promise initially and then poof it disappears in a cloud of "class balance", "risk vs. reward", "pvp tweaking", or some other "minor" element that ends up effecting the feel of the whole game. Hell some of them have even failed (for me at least) because they were simplified to such an extent that even I, a severly casual player, could complete everything I wanted to complete in a matter of months.

I'm not naming names or targetting anyone specifically. But I am pointing a finger at the whole damn industry. Hell, I'm even waggling said finger, and telling said industry to "get off my lawn".

I guess my point is to tell the MMOG devlopers:
Shape up guys. We're paying $15 per month per game to be immersed. So stop ripping us out of the game by giving us bad graphics, bad animations, bad game play, bad customer service, stop forgetting to play the game yourself, and for the love of purple fuzzy monkeys...

Stop listening to the vocal minority!

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