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Comic for: October 19th, 2006
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Chimera: "It doesn't exist."
Posted: Thursday October 19th, 2006 by

I promise you guys I'll give you the answer before the year is out. And there won't be another comic to taunt you. The next one WILL have the answer. I promise.


Completely unrelated to the comic, but somewhat relevant I suppose, is that I'm searching for something to. I'm trying to reconcile my desire to explore the comic. But, I'm afraid that if I stray too far my readership will vanish and thus, so will my livelihood. I like reporting on gaming news, but even I know those comics aren't as amusing to you guys. I'd like to explore Woody & Ted as characters within the GU world. But, you guys know those characters.

I think, ultimately, what I'd like to do is write an adventure comic, outside the real world, outside of the various MMOG game worlds. You know, develop my own characters, my own lore, where not every comic has to be funny... but humor is always an undercurrent.

I guess, if I had to sum it up, I'd like to be doing comics about the characters my friends and I played back in high school, AD&D books in hand.

I enjoy GU as is, but I think somewhere along the lines I may have grown old, grumpy, overly cynical. But, I don't want to just dismiss this as being nostalgic. I want to give you guys... more. **grins**

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