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Comic for: July 21st, 2006
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The Zapper!: "Zap This?"
Posted: Friday July 21st, 2006 by

Effective July 21st, 2006, EI Interactive has acquired Horizons: Empire of Istaria from Tulga Games. EI has issued assurances that it is "committed to maintaining the integrity of the Horizons way of gaming". No comments have been made as to what this means for the team previoulsy responsible for the game and its community.
Source: Horizons Official Website [ more info ]

News about these changes came to me the day before I was to begin the current Horizons ad campaing on GU. The irony of the ads in the face of this unexpected purchase was not lost on me.

So, I figure you're asking yourself "what the hell is up with that ligh bulb". Well, for the answer to that, I encourage you to visit the EI Interactive website: http://www.eiinteractive.com. Behold the magnificence of ancient web design precepts, including use of the archaic ass marquee tag. Visiting some of their other sites you see much of the same thing. If these people expect us to take them seriously, they are going to need to do some SERIOUS updates to their site.
My services are available for the low low price of $100/hour.

Now, where I would like to zap the Horizons fly, I can't really. Technically this purchase doesn't mean the game is dead. It just means that management of the game has changed hands yet again. And who knows what it means for the Woody and Ted rip off NPCs in the game. I imagine after my negative criticism of their site, those two NPCs may disappear all together.

So, I'll end this thread as I always do when an unexpected change occurs, by saying good luck to everyone involved. And here's my honest hope that Horizons will continue to hang on to the edge of the Zapper, refusing to fall in.

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