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Comic for: July 24th, 2006
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The Zapper!: "Endless"
Posted: Monday July 24th, 2006 by

A year after it announced the PS3 and PC based MMOG, WebZen has announced the cancellation of Endless Saga. In a statement to GameSpot, a WebZen representative said that, while the game was under review, the board of directors deemed it less innovative than the company's other projects. Webzen followed the notice of cancellation by issuing assurances that cancelling their only PS3 project was not indacative of the future direction of WebZen and they were in discussion with Sony though they had nothing new to announce.
Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

I'll admit I don't know much about Endless Saga. And, I don't recall seeing it at E3 this year. So, I guess this comic was just an excuse to zap another fly and toss out more jabs at Horizons. (Sorry guys! I can't help myself.)

Some of you will notice that the Shadowbane fly is back as well. I figure what the hell? Ashen is a good guy and didn't blame me for bringing down Wolpack Studios. And I just don't know if the Zapper can handle losing Shadowbane and possibly Horizons in one year.

So in an effort to promote both, here take these links:
Horizons - 14 Day Free Trial
Shadowbane - Free to Play

I may be evil when it comes to poking at games, but I'd never wish failure on any of them.

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