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Comic for: July 20th, 2006
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Suikoden: "Quality Control"
Posted: Thursday July 20th, 2006 by

Today's comic was one of the many "comic scripts" I received. It was submitted by Jason Start, who deliver 9 scripts over the course of 3 days. Here's the "writeup" he provided with the idea.

Writeup submitted by Jason Start:
For those of you who have never known the joys of Suikoden 1 and 2, I truly pity you. 10 years ago, Konami had an amazing idea: an RPG with 108 recruitable characters, an ever-changing 'home base' and large-scale but simple army battles. The graphics for the time were stunning, the character detail was good, the plot was superb, and the...well, I ran out of adjectives. The point is: the game rocked.

If you need proof of Suikoden's original greatness, try looking it up on Ebay...a 10 year old PS1 game, and it still sells for usually over $100.00. It's that good. Suikoden 2, however, was even better. Don't ask me how it was possible, it just was. It even had a great feature where you could load save data from the end of Suikoden 1 and it granted you access to the hero from Suikoden 1 for a brief period.

Somewhere along the way, Konami decided what the Suikoden series needed was to be shat upon and modernized. They never realized it was the simplicity of it that kept people like myself going back again and again to the originals. Suikoden 3 was just boring...it was slow, it was clunky, and the 3-way storyline just confused matters more. I thought it was one of the worst games ever.

Konami wasn't satisfied with that, though....the next time around, they proved I was wrong, and Suikoden 4 became one of the worst games ever. Oh, it was faster paced and all, but that world map *shudder*. If you haven't played it...think Zelda: Wind Waker without the fun.

Now Suikoden 5 is out, and I'm actually scared to try it. I'm afraid I'm going to open the box and the box is going to laugh at me. Anyway, today's comic is how I envision the developer's meeting fort Suikoden 5 went.

Thanks Jason, I appreciate your three emails worth of effort. I know the comic didn't turn out exactly like your description of how the artwork should look in the panel; but, it's a single panel, I have to be careful about putting so much artwork in there, that the text won't fit.

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