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Comic for: June 14th, 2006
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Gaming News: "Two great tastes..."
Posted: Wednesday June 14th, 2006 by

I know you guys are already discussing the issue, but this "joke" sprang to mind after not having a joke idea last night. So, I ran with it. And since I'm subjecting you to old news... I might as well do it ALL the way right?


As of June 10th, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has signed House Bill #3004 into law. The bill updates existing laws pertaining to media that is considered harmful to minors. More specifically the bill lumps "inappropriate violence" in video games with pornographic material. It also requires that retailers present such games behind "blinder racks" that cover the lower two-thirds of the game box. The law will go into effect November 1st.
Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

Now, I'm probably going to say some things here that annoy some folks. But, hey, I'm okay with that. If it gets you guys riled up enough to act... SWEET! But, don't argue with me, don't agree with me, don't quote me. Just post your own opinion of the situation.

I don't completely disagree with a law that keeps violent video games out of the hands of minors. And if it just so happens to be the same law that keeps porn out of the hands of children because they are both considered "harmful to minors", so be it.

The problem I have here, prepare thyselves, is that I consider most games to be, on some level, violent. Whacking a turtle with a hammer in real life is violent, should it not be considered so if it's cartoony or animated? And that's the lowest end of the violence perspective. It only intensifies after that.

So, that leaves me with an intense issue with the idea of hiding video games behind blinder racks. It's a little ignorant. Just because a game has violent content doesn't mean the box cover needs to be hidden. So, in my mind all but a handful of games would be covered. The legislature needs to drag their heads out of their asses long enough to let the ESRB's rating system be useful. Don't hide the game, just use the freakin' rating to make sure the games only leave the building with the appropriate people.

I mean, I don't exactly agree that rating should be based on age, it should be based on maturity levels. But, how the hell is the ESRB supposed to guage that?

Now, if you look closely at the two politicians, you'll notice they both have brown eyes. From now own... consider that to be the norm. Why? Because quite frankly, I think all politicians are so full of shit their eyes are brown.


[Sorry about the color flats. The full color comic will be posted shortly.]

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