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Comic for: December 28th, 2015
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GU Comics: "The Minivan"
Posted: Monday December 28th, 2015 by

My work schedule effects more than just GU updates. My Sunday night role playing session is also suffering. I just don't have the time I used to, and haven't been able to flesh out the story line since the last time we got together. So, I let the drive the minivan. I was just there to uphold the basics of the "world". And, it went a lot like the comic. In all fairness, the wheels didn't completely come off. We laughed a lot. That's always a good thing. But, like so many of our sessions, I can't put into comic form everything that actually happened. One, the content doesn't really fit within age rating I've arbitrarily assigned to GU. Two, there's so much I would have to tell for anything to actually make sense.

As it stands, the group did indeed use a plot point to "rewind the play 5 minutes", un-destroy an enemy ship, and restore an uninhabited moon to its previous orbit. (Space travel is a helluva thing.) They also chose their own complication. The dark web, insectoid, mechanic that altered their ship's identification code recruited the group to "drive" his daughter to work. You know, because it's "on the way". One of the characters, Bodhi, a skateboard-riding, katana-wielding bear, was smitten with her (and the jiggling, breast-like, poison sacks on her shoulders). But, she was taken with, Borrock, a robo-armed, borg-esque, cyber wolf. The computer, in a never-ending power struggle with the resident Hologram/Navigation Unit, Hollister, could not/would not translate the daughters name as anything other than "Boobshoulders". Bodhi went all emo when Boobshoulders accompanied Borrock to his Hab Unit. When Borrock exited his room in a red, silk, smoking jacket carrying a pipe, he -along with the rest of the crew- found out that Boobshoulders works as a sandwich artist at SubSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of SamglomoCorp, the very company they're trying desperately to avoid.

That hyphen addled, train wreck of a story was only one night of play. And, I haven't even started talking about the three plant-based life forms they're currently smuggling that can only communicate by way of quotes from their favorite Earth TV shows. We've been playing for months now, and it's all just as outlandish. I tell them constantly that the "world" is as much theirs as it is mine. Craziness like this serves to remind me not to get too serious with my writing efforts.

Comic Tracker:
Joke idea and inks finished Sunday night. Colors and text finished Monday night. Comic finalized and Writeup submitted Tuesday night. **sighs**

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