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Comic for: December 23rd, 2015
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GU Comics: "End of an Era"
Posted: Wednesday December 23rd, 2015 by

I started drawing this comic Monday, finished the artwork on Tuesday, and it's just been sitting here while I worked. Sorry about that.

As to the content of the comic, I saw the First Order Stormtrooper Helmet at anovos.com [link] and wanted it so bad, I literally gave myself a headache. At $250 though, I just can't justify the expense, especially not with all the Christmas spending and what not. If you guys get itchy and just want me to have one of these things on my swag shelf though, GU Commissions are currently 50% off! Okay, that was a stretch, but at least I got the sale info out there.

50% Off GU Commissions until the 1st!

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