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Comic for: September 23rd, 2014
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Gaming News: "The Devil You Know"
Posted: Tuesday September 23rd, 2014 by

EA's current CEO, has been in the chair for a year now. But, he's been working for the company for 14 years. So when he starts talking about his three year plan to make the company more player focused [more info], I have to wrestle my inner cynic and begin holding out hope that he's being honest with us. I mean, it would be a nice change of pace not just for EA but for any large gaming company.

So do I believe this means players will no longer take a back seat to profits?
Ahem, sorry about that. Inner cynic and all.

Okay okay, let's get back on track.
Andrew Wilson, the above mentioned EA CEO, says that the first step in his plan is to re-establish a player-first culture in the company. The second step seems to be to concentrate on digital distribution and DLC. And the final step is to make every employee responsible for "deepening and nurturing" EA's relationship with the player. It sounds nice... if it's not just talking points or high-minded idealism. But Mr. Wilson is only the CEO. And, there's always the board and investors to deal with.

Let's just hope he can sell them the idea that making gamers happy is the best way to increase profits.

EA's CEO seems interested in actually making gamers happy with the games they buy from EA. WHAAAT!?

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