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Comic for: October 23rd, 2012
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Gaming News: "Sample Size"
Posted: Tuesday October 23rd, 2012 by

I read this morning that Google had released a research paper examining how people use their tablets. [more info] They found that "games" ranked second after "email", and that most of the research subjects used their tablet on the couch while watching tv. The problem? The paper only covers the experiences of 33 people. It's such a small sample size I'm not sure what guage could be employed that would render the results valid.

Okay, so my writeup here might over simplify what exactly is being researched and reported in the paper, but still, it's Google. They have a wealth of survey-able subjects at their finger tips. So, unless the paper is retitled "Tablet Usage Habits of the 33 People That Were In the Breakroom, When I Went To Get My Ham Salad Sandwich", it just doesn't function in my head as being actually representative of anything.

That's just me though. I fully acknowledge that I've not read the paper in full (that's why this is just a "Headline" comic) and that I'm probably horribly wrong in my estimation.

Here's a link to the pdf. Information about participants starts at the bottom of page 2.
Understanding Tablet Use: A Multi-Method Exploration

Despite my ribbing, the selection methodology looks sound.


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