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Comic for: September 17th, 2010
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The Zapper!: "APB: All Points Bulletin"
Posted: Friday September 17th, 2010 by

I'll be honest with you here, APB: All Points Bulletin was never really on my radar. Sure I'd heard/read about it, but until they said they would inflict in-game audio ads on people there was just nothing there that grabbed my intention or instilled in me a desire to play the game. Sorry Real Time Worlds that's just the way it is. Or should I say "was"? So there was no wonder that I was aware of the game being zapped the day of. Even as I passed news that mentioned APB's closing I kind of ignored it because it was APB.

This shouldn't be interpreted as me not caring that the game servers are being shuttered or that people are losing/have lost their jobs. No, every game closing sucks. But apparently you guys love the zapper and are quite vocal about its inclusion whenever the chance arises. So I got a lot of article links and requests for the glowing blue light of doom.

As always I'm reluctant to actually zap a game until it is well and truly zapped as many of the games approaching the zapper are pulled from the brink of zap at the last minute. They eventually fade into nothing anyway, but the initial BZZZT! seemed somewhat misplaced. That being said, where APB is concerned consider that Mark Rein from Epic actually really liked the game. And rumor has it that the Gears of War developer might actually be interested. They're a bit busy at the moment though, so you APB players shouldn't move any closer to the edge of your seat in anticipation of a last minute save.

There was also talk that a handful of other suitors were milling about but weren't actually interested in the game while it was still live which is understandable; buying it while it's live leaves no room to put your own stamp on the game. So it would have to have been shut down anyway.

At any rate APB is closing. Final hour rescue is unlikely. And, the Zapper has made its appearance. Time for the weekend.

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