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Comic for: August 26th, 2010
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World of Warcraft: "Inner Child"
Posted: Thursday August 26th, 2010 by

I've made no secret that I am a giant mini-pet whore. I think they are a cute addition to the World of Warcraft and a fun distraction, when needed, from the game itself. Blizzard has become nigh masterful in exploiting the mini-pet lust to move products. And now BlizzCon attendees can look forward not only to the event itself but also to Deathy, a murloc pet designed to look like he's wearing a Deathwing costume. So the idea here is that Deathy brings out the kid in me.

Not able to attend BlizzCon 2010? Fear not. You can get Deathy by purchasing the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket as well. Not trying to schill here I'm just saying. I don't benefit from your BlizzCon Virtual Ticket purchase in any way.

Now, mini-pets have been a part of WoW since the game was released. The collector's edition of the original game came with a choice of one of three exclusive mini-pets. Though with little effort you can get all three on one character. I've done it myself. At some point more recently though, a switch flipped and people began hunting down mini-pets with much vigor. I don't recall exactly when that switch flipped, but I think it might have been tied to the inclusion Achievements. If any of you remember specifically please chime in.

So, Deathy or not, any of you headed to BlizzCon or buying the Virtual Ticket?

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