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Comic for: August 25th, 2010
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Star Wars: the Old Republic: "Sorry Harry"
Posted: Wednesday August 25th, 2010 by

A few days ago I got a PM from Eagleklaw linking me to the news that in SWtOR one of Jedi Consular "advanced classes" would be called a Jedi Wizard. [more info]

So sayeth Eagleklaw...
I am not sure how much you have been keeping up with the development of the new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, but on Friday they announced the advanced class names. For some unknown reason, the name chosen for the force heavy Jedi Consular damage and healing advanced class was the Jedi Wizard.

As you can guess, all of the Harry Potter jokes have already started, as well as the polls to change the name. At last count, it was nearly 2k votes.

After reading Eagleklaw's message, that classic Empire scene came immediately to mind. So I ran with it.

Thanks Eagleklaw.

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