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Comic for: July 27th, 2010
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Starcraft II: "All That Work"
Posted: Tuesday July 27th, 2010 by

So unless you've been buried eyeball deep in some non-gaming piece of media/entertainment, you probably already know that today is the release date for StarCraft II. Launch Night events were spread all over the place, allowing people to stand in line and wait for the chance to hand over their money.

This is a concept that's not foreign to me when it comes to getting into an event of some sort, like say a concert or convention. But the idea of waiting in line to buy a video game, or a gadget for that matter (iPhone, iPad, etc.) just doesn't register with me. And if it doesn't register with me you can imagine how Ted might react.

When Stormhaven and I were talking about this idea she asked if Ted would be a "midnight kind of guy". And the answer, honestly is "maybe" with a notable shrug. He's hardcore. But he lacks any kind of real patience. So he might travel to a store with the intention of standing in line, but it's unlikely he'd make it through to purchase without somehow getting himself in trouble, getting booted from the line, or most likely getting himself arrested.

So why is it a sketch? If I were more of a bullshitter, I'd swear it was to indicate that this whole thing was an elaborate plan. But the truth is... that's a lot of artwork and I've done a piss poor job of managing my time on these big, multi-panel comics. I'll keep working. And if luck holds I'll get it done sometime before I need to start on the insane comic planned for tomorrow.

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