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Comic for: July 26th, 2010
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Comic Con 2010: "Bold Splice"
Posted: Monday July 26th, 2010 by

I meant to ask Stormy to do this writeup because, well... I'm not amused by the new Old Spice commercials. But I understand so many other people are. So I wanted the enjoyment to carry through the writeup. Hopefully, I can keep my opinions on it to myself long enough to get through a few more sentences.

It's common knowledge that crowded convention floors tend to carry a certain... aroma. And if they don't start out that way, they certainly tend to end that way. I've never been to Comic Con so I don't know if that's true in its case. For Stormy though there seems to be little doubt. Unless of course she has ulterior motives for asking me to draw a half naked man in a tower with a handful of diamonds*.

* In case you're not from the States or just don't watch TV, it's a reference to a series of commercials Old Spice is currently running. You can easily find the on YouTube if you so choose.

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