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Comic for: June 14th, 2010
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Raptor Guts: "And So Begins E3"
Posted: Monday June 14th, 2010 by

I haven't been to E3 in a few years now. I stopped going when they switched to the smaller event format. And then just haven't been back despite the return to its big event awesomeness. But the desire to go is always there. It's barely hidden beneath the surface. So when Stormhaven suggested we do an E3 story arc this week (because E3 is going on right now), I said yes immediately.

We tossed around a few ideas on how the arc should start and settled on the idea of Ted not being allowed to go, but finding a way to go anyway. See, Ted is a coder guy at Raptor Guts. He's one of the guys that hunt down bugs and optimize code. So where yes, he's qualified to go. He's not really high on the Raptor Guts representative list. And you can't take the whole company. That being said Community Managers crawl E3 like cockroaches. So the comic version of me was an easy choice to attend.

But, you all know Ted. He's not one to be denied.

The thing is, to really make the joke I had to show the juxtaposition of Ted and I doing the same thing in a very similar position. Though, I'm cramped in the tiny airline seat, while he's cramped in a storage box in the cargo hold. But after I finally settled on the idea of doing a four panel comic, I realized there was no context for Ted's decision to stow away. You guys did not know that Ted had been denied a spot on the Raptor Guts E3 roster. So I had to come up with a way to introduce the idea with an element of "time" to lead in to the panels.

I just hope you guys enjoy this particular comic as much as I do. It took forever, but it really was fun to draw.

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