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Comic for: May 28th, 2010
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Star Wars: the Old Republic: "SWtOR Companions"
Posted: Friday May 28th, 2010 by

"Every Star Wars™ hero needs a companion. Han had Chewie, Luke had R2-D2 — even Jabba had the cackling monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb." Source: Star Wars the Old Republic [ more info ]

Bioware has announced the addition of individual companions to SWtOR. And in amongst the details was the revelation that, depending on your actions, some will become friends, some will become enemies and some... will become lovers.

The page I linked up there as the source of the opening quote has more information, if you're interested. To start with I was going to have a droid as the love interest. It gets a little lonely on Tatooine, if you know what I mean. Then I visited the Companions page at the SWtOR site and saw the big fleshy guy and just couldn't resist.


So about next week...
My pal Richard, his wife, and daughter will be here visiting us. And the comic will take a definite back burner to their presence. I'll do my best to get a comic posted each day, but I can't make any promises. If you'd like to submit a guest strip that would be awesome. Richard and his family get here on the 1st and leave on the 7th. If you need the GU template you can get it here: http://www.gucomics.com/assets


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