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Comic for: May 14th, 2010
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Tribute: "No Words, Just Art"
Posted: Friday May 14th, 2010 by

In my younger gaming days I was a good deal more focused on table top adventures than the rigid plastic controllers. Needless to say, I owned and painted a lot of miniatures. One of my favorites was this badass, axe wielding guy on the back of a massive horse. One of the pieces I really wanted (but never could quite afford) was an ice chariot pulled by polar bears. And interestingly enough the Led Zepplin patch stitched on the back of my denim jacket had an axe wielding guy that looked oddly similar to that favorite miniature of mine.

Well, I didn't know until much later that the miniature was based on the cover of a Molly Hatchet album (Death Dealer I). The polar bear chariot (The Silver Warrior) was painted by the same artist. The reason the guy on my patch looked like my miniature was because it was the same character painted into a different scene (Death Dealer II). And all of the work was that of Frank Frazetta. It was interesting to me how much of this guy's stuff I'd seen and loved. I'd even unknowingly surrounded myself with it. But I never knew his name. When I finally learned it, I never forgot it.

Frank Frazetta passed away this past Monday (5/10) at the age of 82. His work moved and inspired me. Of all my art heroes he is one of the very few I never got the opportunity to meet. If you don't know his work, I strongly encourage you to look up his name. I'd be willing to bet most of you have seen his stuff whether you realize it or not.

Frank Frazetta
1928 - 2010

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