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Comic for: April 15th, 2010
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Raptor Guts: "Grumpier"
Posted: Thursday April 15th, 2010 by

I was stumped for funny today. So I took a minute to think about my "job" at Raptor Guts. And I was thinking about some of my quirks that might stand in the way of being your standard community manager. Then came up with a solution the company might implement to keep me in check.

When it comes to game forums, gamer's whine. And, I'm not immune. This is not a judgement; I whine too. The thing about being a regular gamer though is, if you don't like the whining, you can walk away from the forum. Leave the thread unread. Community Managers, not so much. It's their job to sift through the whining, get to the core problem, and attempt to address it. Fun huh?

So what do we take from today's comic? Go to the game forum of your choice and contribute something positive. I'm sure that guy knuckling the frustration from his eyes will appreciate it.

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