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Comic for: March 22nd, 2010
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Gaming News: "PGA Tour 11"
Posted: Monday March 22nd, 2010 by

Last night Comedy Central premiered South Park's 14th season. The episode includes what appears to be a look into Tiger Woods' life the night he crashed his SUV into a tree and swore his wife hadn't been chasing him with a golf club. The camera then pulls back to reveal that it's a GTA-style game. PGA Tour 11 to be exact.

Shortly after the episode aired the legal wheels at EA started turning and word is that they will be suing the show. [more info] Exact details of the suit are not known; and, at this point it's still technically a rumor. But I have little doubt claims will be made regarding copyright infringement and damage to the IP. Simple fact is though, the show is obviously a parody and it [the show] might actually help move a few extra units.

So EA folks, I know you're a little wounded and want to protect your property, but seriously... tuck the lawyers away. And spend you money on ideas centered on capitalizing on the free publicity. Trust me, gamers will respect you more for it.

Sidenote: I linked you to the Destructoid article because the original source is slathered with New Moon ads. And, I just can't make myself link you to that.

Joystiq has conversed with an EA spokesperson who has deemed the rumor "nonsense". [more info] So either the "insider" was wrong, didn't exist, or EA talked to their lawyers and were told the chances of winning were slim and not worth the financial risk. I'll let you know if I ever find out myself. (Thanks DashCat)

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