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Comic for: February 23rd, 2010
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Poopy Strip: "Ads Ads Ads"
Posted: Tuesday February 23rd, 2010 by

When the SOE sponsorship ended we'd not met the number of impressions that had been drafted into the campaign proposal. So SOE's agency basically required us to leave the ads up until the number had been met. Cost me another two weeks of pay even though I never said a hard number should be used. I always said "100%". They leaves no room for a company to disagree with our numbers. ANYWAY! Almost devolved into a rant there...

So the SOE ads flipped off last night. And the ad campaigns associated with GU when they turned off were miserable. I logged in and opted out of them. This left the same old GU ads you guys had been seeing for a while. So, I spent the evening working on new ads.

So yeah. Work got in the way of work. That's just kind of ridiculous. But, it's true.
I didn't think you guys would mind seeing Iggy again though. It's been a while.


Note: I'm down to one commission. So if you were interested in getting one, now would be a good time. GU Commissions

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