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Comic for: February 22nd, 2010
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Free Realms: "It's NOT a Lightsaber"
Posted: Monday February 22nd, 2010 by

I've mentioned with other games that, when it comes to my gear, I'm a bit of a fashion whore. Nothing severe. I just want everything to match. Free Realms gives me a ton of options to make sure my clothes (at least when I'm running around as an Adventurer or a Duelist) look the way I want them to.

But yesterday as I was making sure I was using the most powerful items I had for each of my jobs, I noticed that I had an equippable "weapon" as a duelist. It's something I've seen (and subsequently ignored) before. Usually it looks like this froofy little piece of raver "light show" equipment. But when I turn on one of my flair shards, it looks like a lightsaber and I'm okay with that.

What you should know about this comic however is that the inane jabber included therein never happened. But the idea is based on the reality of seeing area chat when I'm standing in the Sanctuary trying to finish up the card duelist quests. I actually had someone get angry because I'd blocked guild and friend invites. I've also had someone pester me while I was trying to do a timed quest because they wanted me to join their guild. I told him I was already in a guild. He said well you can leave it. Really? Leave my guild (without reason) to join his just because he wanted me to? I have to tell you, though brief, it was one of the most ridiculous conversations I've ever had in game.

How about yourselves? What are some of the eye-crossingly stupid discussions you've seen or been a part of in game?

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