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Comic for: January 8th, 2010
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Everquest: "Built In Maturity"
Posted: Friday January 8th, 2010 by

So yeah, it goes like this... a 42 year old married woman makes friends with a 20 guy in World of Warcraft. She flies out to meet him. He runs away from home, hooks up with the 42 year old, then is returned home after being found at a nearby movie theater with the woman. She didn't know he was actually 16 until the police told her. He still considers her his soulmate. She is described by a previous online suitor to be "very sexual, emotional and 'clingy'". Police said the relationship was not illegal but it was "unsavory".
Source: The Star [ more info ]

So what exactly do I mean about EQ players automatically being 35?

I have no idea. I certainly am not saying "only old people play EQ". And despite directly saying... stuff like this does happen in EQ. I just PREFER to believe that it does not. In the end all I guess I'm really getting at is my feeling that people playing EQ seem to act more mature than in some other MMOs I've played. **shrugs** Just saying.


Sorry the comic was so late. After owning my motorcycle for years, and finding reasons not to take the training class, Taks paid for the class for me for Christmas. So last night I was in a classroom studying up on motorcycle related info for the written test. And this morning was spent acquiring the helmet and gloves I need for the actual riding we do tomorrow.

As part of the helmet buying process I was encourage to wear the new helmet for atleast 30 minutes when I got home. So the picture below is me working to finish the comic once I got home from the store. Enjoy.

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