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Comic for: October 1st, 2008
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Fable 2: "Please Take One"
Posted: Wednesday October 1st, 2008 by

While I was digging through gaming news last night I saw an ad for the upcoming sequel to Fable, the aptly named Fable II. The ad shows the clean cut hero morphing into the horned villian and assured me that "for every choice" there would be "a different destiny". Fable II is scheduled for release exclusively on the XBox 360 October 21st.

I knew the new Fable was in the works, but I didn't realize we were on the cusp of the game's release. One of my favorite aspects of the Fable series (as it stands) is that your appearance is tied to your actions. One of the things I don't like about Molyneux games is that Peter tends to run his mouth about features that Lionhead is never able to provide. This time around I haven't seen him really go overboard. Instead I got treated to the Technical Art Director, Ian Lovett, telling Eurogamer that we gamers are"by and large... visually illiterate" and "don’t understand what [we're] looking at".
Source: EuroGamer [ more info ]

Now Lovett is talking about the technical side of the artwork we see in game. And I can see his point somewhat. But, not to cast any disparaging remarks at our console playing brethren, I think we PC and MMOG players are pretty damn good at picking out advances and improvements in a game's visual design. And I have to assume console gamers aren't any less visually equipped. I'm okay with this guy's right to express his position, but really, give us a little more credit hey?

In the minds of gamers, Mr. Lovett probably just turned red and sprouted himself some horns. I like how his partner in the interview lead concept artist, Mike McCarthy, seemed to catch that notion asking Lovett, "Do you really want to say that?" **grins**

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