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Comic for: July 24th, 2008
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Rockband: "Things in Common"
Posted: Thursday July 24th, 2008 by

On a recent episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Gene and his fellow Kiss band members (sans Paul Stanley) tried and failed to play their own song in Rockband. Rush followed suit by failing Tom Sawyer during a session before their appearance on Comedy Central's Colbert Report.
Source: Comedy Central [ more info ]

I'm not passing any judgement here. The best way for me to explain it is this: playing Rockband is NOT like playing real instruments. That doesn't make me one of those asshats that say stuff like "learn to play a real guitar". You guys know how much I llove these games. It's just that if I wanted to invest that kind of time, I'd take up something that'd make me money, like sculpting balloon animals or something.

Okay okay I'm being facetious. But I have little tolerance for the "don't understand it's just a damn game" crowd. My playing Rockband doesn't impact their ability to make, play, or enjoy music. I don't know why they take such offense to how I choose to waste my time. It's not like I'm eating kittens... anymore.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a bastardized glowy version of the "Laundry Monkie" shirt and Woody is wearing an "Everything Will Be Alright" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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