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Comic for: June 27th, 2008
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Alone in the Dark: "That's One Solution"
Posted: Friday June 27th, 2008 by

Reviews of Atari's Alone in the Dark remake started dropping earlier this week. And they were something less than favorable. So, Atari started using their legal "might" to have the reviews yanked.
Source: Kotaku [ more info ]

You guys know me, I'm a cynic. So when I read any news about a company demanding bad reviews be pulled... I don't really care what reason they're giving. I naturally assume their just trying to squash honest opinion. **shrugs**

With all the changes Atari/Infogrames has been making, I can understand them working to protect what is perceived to be the first release of their new regime. But no company can really afford the negative press that surrounds what appears to be an attempt to rig review scores. Especially not a company like Atari that's already neck deep in struggle.

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