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Comic for: April 21st, 2008
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Poopy Strip: "A Little Tooth Thing"
Posted: Monday April 21st, 2008 by

So, my mom is in from out of town visiting the kid. She's been here for almost two weeks and heads back tomorrow. Well, yesterday she woke up with a swollen jaw. I took her over to the hospital to get everything checked out and left with a perscription for antibiotics. After the hospital I took her out shopping for the purposes of distraction and adding a little snazz to her wardrobe. Nothing wrong with a son buying his mom badass shoes right?

So I'm sure you're asking yourself, "what exactly is going on in the background of the comic?"

Well, my mom's been fighting severe acid reflux for about 26 years now. The acid reflux lead to Barrett's esophagus which lin-turn ead to esophageal cancer. Obviously, she's survived both but at the cost of her teeth. Just like someone with bulimia, overtime the stomache acid have eaten away at the enamel of her teeth and nothing has worked to stop it. The reason for heading to the hospital yesterday was an extension of all this. So when I opted to do a Iggy strip, I decided to to toss a viking tooth fighting off the acid reflux monster.

She seems to be doing fine now, and will pay a visit to her regular doctor when she gets home just to be on the safe side. Thanks in advance for your kind words and concern.

A note to those continuing on to read the rest of this thread:
I suspect a fair number of dental horror stories will follow. Hopefully gory details will be kept to a minimum. But, just incase they aren't... you've been warned.

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