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Comic for: April 18th, 2008
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Rockband: "Hell Bent for Plastic"
Posted: Friday April 18th, 2008 by

Harmonix announced this morning that Judas Priest's entire heavy metal classic "Screaming for Vengeance" will be the first downloadable album for the their hit rythm game Rockband. The album is scheduled to release April 22nd on the XBox 360 and April 24th on the PS3.
Source: Rockband.Com [ more info ]

One of the main selling points of Rockband for me was the idea of releasing a plethora of downloadable tracks. And though the Grateful Dead, the Who, and Nirvana were the first bands mentioned as full album candidates, I think it's perfectly fine that Judas Priest is going to take the honor.

Naturally, if you're going to buy the album I think you should do the "right" thing and buy loads of leather motorcycle gear and spike it all out. Then you should wear said spike bedecked leather gear while playing the album, videotape it, and post it to YouTube for our delight. That's just my opinion though. After watching the video I'll let you know if my opinion was valid.

And, any of you Rockband folks get the Motley Crue song, Saints of Los Angeles, release this past Tuesday? [more info] The Crue became the first band "ever" to release a new single via Rockband. I picked it up that first day for half price. I'm not sure if the price has gone up now or not.

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