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Comic for: March 31st, 2008
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Cooking Mama: "Gaming is NOT Real Life"
Posted: Monday March 31st, 2008 by

I bought Taks Cooking Mama for the Wii and the DS this past Christmas. And on one of our trips to the hospital I put Cooking Mama 2 into my DS so we'd have something to distract ourselves with. I wasn't overly interested in the game as I am no cook.

Fast forward a month or so to last night. Before I go to bed at night, I typically play a game or two to wind down from the day. Peggle, Minesweeper, Chessmaster 9000, Eye Training, whatever pops into my head first. Last night I picked up my DS which usually has Eye Training in it. I'd forgotten I'd put Cooking Mama in for Taks. Well, once the DS was on I was committed. I gave the game a go. As I tapped and swooshed and swirled the stylus across the screen, failing miserably at some cooking tasks, I asked myself that typical gaming question: What Would Ted Do?

The answer was clear. Ted would be so awesome at the game that he'd get over confident in his ability to translate the actions to real life and probably cut his damn fingers off. With the comic, I took it a step farther. The great thing about doing a comic is that anything can happen and the consequences, though serious, can be forgotten as soon as tomorrow.

It should be noted that no amount of Cooking Mama would make me feel as though I could handle myself in the kitchen with any real skill. If you believe anti-videogame nutbags though, we ALL play games and think we can do the same thing in real life. Not many people know this, but I actually plan road trips on Burnout. Yeah, that crazy driver you see using a ramp to corkscrew over the median... that's me.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Sublimi'mAwesomeinal" shirt and Woody is wearing a "Yeti Hated His Size 5 Feet... " shirt from Threadless.Com.

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