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Comic for: June 29th, 2004
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Star Wars: Galaxies: "SW:G Turns 1"
Posted: Tuesday June 29th, 2004 by

As many of you know, my opinion of SW:G is not very high. So, when I read that SW:G had turned one year old, my brain immediately flipped into attack mode. I should be ashamed... but I'm not.

Thus far the designers have manhandled the Star Wars Story line, fallen completely short of the games potential, and has proven a certain lack of ability when having to serve in a customer service role for its paying customers.

I've read the various forums, and seen all of the issues that players have with the game. The ones mentioned in the strip are the most frequently read complaints. And, they are simultaneously the most grievous failures SOE could have made in producing this game.

We've all been living in the Star Wars universe vicariously through our movie heroes of old for decades now. A plethora of books have been written. There is so much information that could have been drawn from and yet what was provided? Running around mindlessly slaying animals and prettied up aliens for credits. The game is a land based piece of money wasting technology that needs a serious kick in the content.

Right now, my expectations of how "Jump to Lightspeed" will improve the game are drab to say the least. I'm afraid that all it's going to do is add more empty, pointless worlds. Potential has been shot in the leg and left gimping at the last rays of hope for a game worth really playing.

The folks that are hanging on are the die hard SW:G fans. And, for their sakes, I seriously hope the game becomes more than it currently is. SOE/Lucas Arts owes them better.

Here's to another year SW:G fans. May the next one be completely different from the last.

--- editted to add ---

I forgot to explain the references in the comic.
1. Star wars Galaxies turned one year old.
2. There is no continuing story line through the SWG world that I am aware of.
3. There are no quests, adventures, content that really pertain to the Star Wars movies/books.
4. In the stage of the timeline SW:G takes place, Jedis were in hiding from Darth Vader/The Empire... not running rampant all over the place.
5. Midichlorians were the way movie execs decided "the Force" could be measured within a person/object. It completely devalued the Jedi mysticism and soul... in my opinion.


Oh yeah, and the shirts Ted and I are wearing in today's panel are Split Reason items: "Geeks Gone Wild" and "Chomp".

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