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Comic for: February 28th, 2008
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It Came from the Interweb: "Well That Didn't Work"
Posted: Thursday February 28th, 2008 by

I was reading Penny Arcade yesterday and below the writeup Tycho provided a link to a site called "Garfield minus Garfield". The idea is that Garfield the cat has been removed from the comic leaving only John Arbuckle in the panels. The result is hilarious. Admitting heavy bias, I believe the results are exponentially better than the originals.

That in mind (again admitting heavy bias) I decided to experiment with the bane of my comic writing existance Family Circus. I took the comics and removed one character at a time in an attempt to make them funny. I ended up with panels devoid of any characters or text.

Now, before any of you get grumpy with me, I do not consider myself funny. I'm a "draw pictures" kinda guy. I just can't find a writer. So, I'm forced to struggle through GU on my own. Now, I've been accused of being my own worst critic, but I know a truly funny person when I see one. And, keep in mind, I have given Family Circus a fair chance on more than one occassion. It just doesn't work for me.

I'd also like to state that, if you take GU strips with myself and Ted and remove either of the characters, the whole comic falls apart. There's none of the "schizophrenic/bipolar" charm that exists in Garfield minus Garfield. Granted Garfield is written with a non speaking character at it's heart, unlike Family Circus or GU. But still.

So, consider this a throwaway comic if you must. Mean for the sake of being mean. I fully expect comedic kharma to eat away the already meager humor centers of my brain. And when it's done... I'll have all the tools I need to start a syndicated comic. **whistles and looks sheepish**

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