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Comic for: January 8th, 2008
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Wii Sports: "Bloody Well Cute!"
Posted: Tuesday January 8th, 2008 by

After seeing Prince William playing a Nintendo Wii he'd received from his girlfriend for Christmas, the Queen is said to have become "hooked" on the device. This comes as no real surprise to those who know the Queen and her newfound love of "high-tech" gadgets. This past June she made sure that she and her senior staff were all equipped with BlackBerrys.
Source: The People [ more info ]

I found this article by way of Destructoid a few days ago and figured that if the Queen experiences Wii Sports the way the rest of us do, she probably hates the evil, cheating Mii teams as much as the rest of us. I for one would love to see the Queen rock Prince William at Wii Tennis and then put on the crown jewels in celebration of her triumph. I wouldn't go so far as to envision her talking smack. But having her personal guard do the running man for her would be awesome on the highest level.

Until recently my view of the Queen was little more than assumption that she existed in a constant state of stilted superiority. So it's nice, at least for me some 6000 miles removed from the situation, to see news items like this that help remind me that she's human.

And Your Majesty, if you're reading this, I'm sorry the caricature isn't great. Apparently I'm incapable of producing action and reasonable caricatures at the same time.

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