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Comic for: June 1st, 2007
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Guitar Hero III: "Crazy Man"
Posted: Friday June 1st, 2007 by

Casting aside some initial doubts about the "new look" of the GH3 UI, I'm excited by the new Les Paul guitar body for the 360. So maybe Ted being temporarily nuts is a good thing. Tell him the Googles are chasing him and the only way to thwart their attempts to clone him or stretch him into infinity is for him to acquire the 360's Guitar Hero III controller. Sound like a good plan to me. And if he gets caught... meh **shrugs** he's crazy.

I found the new guitar pictures by way of a Joystiq article [cited below] showing the first Guitar Hero III videos. After reading the article, taking note of a comment about the timing, I watched the video and the issue becomes apparent. The person playing the game is having to hit the notes early than in previous versions of the game. They fall before the actual beat in the music. But as the folks at Joystiq said... there's still PLENTY of time for tweaking.
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

Where I'd usually avoid providing links to IGN, there's a detailed article about the new GH3 360 controller here: Guitar Hero Les Paul Controller Impressions. Personally I love that they've returned to the old select|start button placement. I hate having to tip the controller to activate star power. On the PS2 versions, I could just bump select with the heel of my hand. It was far less likely to interupt my playing. And other new features like an easily removeable faceplate/pickguard and an easily removable neck make my fingers itch. I want to play with the thing already.

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "Revenge of the Sushi" shirt and Ted is wearing wearing a "Mic Chuck One Two" shirt both from Threadless.Com.

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