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Comic for: June 8th, 2010
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Guest Strip: "The Easy Way"
Posted: Tuesday June 8th, 2010 by

Here's the final guest strip of my vacation. This one is from Mads Jespersen who has done quite a few guest strips for me in the past.

Here's what Mads had to say about his submission...
I have recently moved to a new apartment and therefore haven't unpacked/placed all my stuff yet. Today I found my old digitizer in one of the boxes while unpacking and started to play around with it (I had forgotten how nice it is to draw with a digitizer rather than using the mouse) resulting in this strip..

I have been playing Red Dead Redemption quite a lot lately. In this game you play John Marston, a former outlaw posse member who is forced by the government to hunt down and kill the members of his old posse. Him being a stone cold killer I sometimes wondered why he kept helping the seemingly random people with their problems and daily life, when he, if needed, could just force them to give up any information they had.

Hope you can use this,

P.s This was mainly done to give myself a reason to draw with my digitizer rather than unpacking.. :D

Thanks as always Mads. We're glad you found your "digitizer". (I'm guessing "stylus"?) And having just spent what felt like WEEKS unpacking, I fully support anything that allows for not-unpacking procrastination.

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