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Comic for: May 30th, 2007
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N100%SFW: "Beware the Answer"
Posted: Wednesday May 30th, 2007 by

For those of you that don't check the GU Blog you probably don't know that I finally found and purchased a Nintendo Wii. Well, in the days that followed my purchase, I've played entirely too much Wii tennis. I make that estimation because my right arm feels like someone's squeezing it really hard. Probably doesn't help that I keep playing the game and haven't tried to play left handed.

And the comic, well, I'm not completely sure about it. It goes a bit farther than I tend to go. Sure, there are occassions where I want to push the GU envelope but I usually avoid the urge, prefering to avoid the cheap/easy joke. In this case though, I'm hoping you guys will accept those parts of my sense of humor that I do not usually share with you. And where I do worry about the response, I don't apologize for making the joke. I thought it was funny dammit.

And before you get grumpy at me about having read the comic at work. I did put a warning on the front page link graphic: "Not 100% Safe For Work". If you are one of those that choose to skip the front page... there's nothing I could really do to warn you in advance.

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