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Comic for: February 23rd, 2005
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Dark Age of Camelot: "Overpowered"
Posted: Wednesday February 23rd, 2005 by

I was looking at the recent comics and realized I needed to get another MMOG in there. So, I went scouting for dirt on Dark Age of Camelot. So, I hit one of the only DAoC communities I know of that is still active... Camelot Vault at IGN. **cringes**

Anywho, the first thread I ran across was: "So what's the solution for the Warlock problem?"

The argument that certain classes/characters are overpowered is as old as gaming itself. I'm telling you the cowboy on the left side of the screen in Atari's "Outlaw" always had faster bullets.

So, I decided to take the "Warlocks are overpowered" comments and ran with it. I figured... what could be more "overpowered" than the game character being able to blast a real world dev when he went to nerf them.

Then again, I could just be expressing my hidden desire to burn all game developers.

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