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Comic for: February 22nd, 2005
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Scrapland: "GTA: Scrapland"
Posted: Tuesday February 22nd, 2005 by

So Scrapland for the XBox is slated to ship tomorrow. And, Gamespot already has a review of the game posted. Their initial impression: GTA with robots.

So, given my opinion of American McGee, and the fact that I recently did a GTA comic, I couldn't resist the somewhat obvious joke.

Well... obvious except maybe for the references in the comic.
A Dragonfly is a type of ship. Beholders are little floating robots that point out criminals. Nurses are robots who fix other robots. And, Desktops are cute little robots meant to add an element of amusement to the otherwise dreary day of a clerk. You can read more about some of the robot characters here: http://www.enlight.com/scrapland/characters.html

I'll rent the game and actually play it and try to give you guys a less one-sided, anti-American McGee, review.

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